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For more than 25 years, Omega Forensic Engineering has been providing objective expert opinions to attorneys, adjusters, and building managers throughout the entire state of Florida. Whether the issue is an insurance claim, a structural recertification, or a construction-related question, our engineers provide the accurate answers our clients need.


40 Year Building Inspections

If you recently received a Notice Of Required Recertification Of 40 Year Old Building(s) and don’t  know what to do, you’ve come to the right place! Let the Professional Engineers at Omega  Forensic Engineering guide you through the building recertification process.  

You probably received a Notice Of Required Recertification Of 40 Year Old Building if you own or  manage one or more of the following: 



Apartment Buildings

Warehouse Complexes

Office Buildings

Shopping Centers

Storage Facilities

Places of Worship


Private Schools

You may have received a notice for “recertification for a 40 year old building”, even though you  do not own or manage a 40 year old structure. This is because, due to recent changes, the  recertification process is now required for 30 year old and 25 year old buildings in certain  locations.  

Our office staff promises to schedule your recertification  inspection within 2 business days after being retained, and we will provide you with your  building recertification inspection reports within 5 business days after the inspection has been  completed. Once we have performed your building recertification and everything has been  corrected (if anything), you will not need another recertification inspection for another 10  years.  

If you are in Miami-Dade County, single family homes, duplexes or structures that are under  2,000 square feet in size or less and have an occupancy load of 10 or less, you are exempt from  the recertification requirement. 

In Broward County, one and two family dwellings, government owned structures and buildings  built on Indian reservations are also exempt from recertification. When in doubt, contact the  municipality that issued the required recertification notice as to the status of your building(s). 

Let us put our expertise and experienced staff of engineers to work for you on your upcoming  building recertification. This is a process you should only have to deal with every ten years, so  trust it to a company that does this work every day.



Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information and for frequently asked questions regard Building Recertification Inspections, please click the icon below.


Milestone Inspections

A Milestone Inspection is a visual inspection, called a Phase 1 inspection, that is performed by a qualified Structural Engineer or architect on condominiums and coop association buildings that  are three or more stories in height and are 30 years old. Once your Milestone Inspection has been completed, your building will need to be reinspected every 10 years thereafter. This type of inspection may involve destructive or non-destructive testing at the discretion of the  inspector of record.

Structures that are within 3 miles from a coastline will be required to perform a Milestone Inspection after their first 25 years, and every 10 years thereafter. If major structural repairs are necessary, a Phase 2 inspection will be required to fully determine the areas of structural distress, confirm the building’s overall structural integrity and develop a formal program for the evaluation and repairing of the distressed areas of the structure. 

Omega Forensic Engineering can offer you these services through our various alliances throughout the South Florida area. Please contact our office for further information on milestone inspections. 


Our team has investigated more than 20,000 insurance claims for carriers, determining the timing and causation of claimed damages so that they can make informed coverage decisions. We schedule our field inspections quickly and maintain regular communication with our clients throughout the investigative process, keeping them informed about the progress of each assignment and paying attention to deadlines and milestones. We conduct our investigations with careful attention to scope and the rules of evidence, doing our best to reach definitive conclusions about the issues that are in dispute. Our reports are readable, generously illustrated and designed for technical and non-technical readers alike.

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When necessary, our engineers provide sworn expert testimony. To view curriculae vitae and prior testimony for any of our engineers click the button below.