Selim Cerci
Selim Cerci P.E.


S. Selim Cerci lives in Greenacres, FL. He received his Bachelor’s in Geological Engineering
from Black Sea Technical University in Turkey in 1991, and he has been a licensed Professional
Engineer in the state of Florida since 2008. Mr. Cerci has performed over a thousand
inspections for Omega Forensic across the east and west coasts of the state.

Before joining Omega, his primary focus was in roof truss design, and he has brought that
knowledge to bear on cases involving reported damage to roofs and other essential structures
after Hurricanes Ian, Nicole, and others. Mr. Cerci also has vast experience with interior
damages from causes such as water, installation defects and mechanical damage.

Mr. Cerci also holds a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, which allows him to utilize a drone to
inspect areas that are too difficult or dangerous for other inspectors to access.