Enrique Matta
Enrique Matta P.E.


Enrique Matta lives in Miami, FL. He graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1991, and currently resides in Miami, Florida. He started his engineering career working for the State of California, where his first job was in the Military Department of the facility engineering branch at a National Guard base. After three years he transferred to the Department of Water Resources and was assigned as a field engineer overseeing quality control of construction of a water supply system that included three pumping stations and 125 miles of large-diameter underground pipe.

Upon completion of the water supply construction project, Mr. Matta transferred to private practice in Florida, where he continued to gain quality control experience while working with a number of materials testing and inspection firms. This work included the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

Mr. Matta started his forensic engineering career more than two decades ago in 2001 with Rimkus Consulting Group. In 2005 he founded ERM Consulting as a sole proprietor. Mr. Matta has personally performed more than 5,000 forensic engineering evaluations of buildings and structures, and has testified nearly 200 times as an expert in deposition and trial. Mr. Matta also provides engineering consulting services for roofing contractors and property managers.