About Omega Forensic

For more than 25 years, Omega Forensic Engineering has been providing objective expert
opinions to attorneys, adjusters, and building managers in Florida. Whether the issue is an
insurance claim, a structural recertification, or a construction-related question, our engineers
provide the accurate answers our clients need.


Building Recertification


Our team has investigated more than 20,000 insurance claims for carriers, determining the
timing and causation of claimed damages so that they can make informed coverage decisions.
We schedule our field inspections quickly and maintain regular communication with our clients
throughout the investigative process, keeping them informed about the progress of each
assignment and paying attention to deadlines and milestones.
We conduct our investigations with careful attention to scope and the rules of evidence, doing
our best to reach definitive conclusions about the issues that are in dispute.
Our reports are readable, generously illustrated and designed for technical and non-technical
readers alike.

When necessary, our engineers provide sworn expert testimony. To view curriculae vitae and
prior testimony for any of our engineers, go here.